Monster RPG 3 - Manual

Title Screen

The game starts at the title screen with a few buttons along the bottom of the screen. The Start button kicks off your adventure, the Load button allows you to load a save or autosave, the Exit button exits the game and the Settings button (small gear) opens the settings menu. Some of these buttons are not available on all platforms. On some platforms, a Continue button may be available which will resume your game.

Playing the Game

The controls used to play the game vary by device and attached hardware. They include keyboard, gamepad and touchscreen controls. The descriptions that follow will include all available control methods, so use the one appropriate for your device and settings.

For keyboard and joystick controls, check the Keyboard Settings and Joystick Settings for the keys and buttons corresponding to the actions listed below. The defaults will be given, but you are free to change them.

Red Triangle

At the top left corner of the screen, there is a red triangle. Pressing it is equivalent to pressing escape; or in other words, it is the Cancel/Back button when using a touchscreen or mouse. It is also used to open the Main Menu during the free movement segments.


Various dialogue boxes will appear during gameplay. You can advance the dialogue by pressing the Return key, the A button on your gamepad or by tapping anywhere on your touchscreen.

Moving Around

Movement occurs in the four cardinal directions: North, East, South and West, one tile at a time.

When using a keyboard, gamepad or on-screen controls, the arrows and/or DPAD correspond to the 4 directions. For example, press the up arrow or up on your DPAD to move North.

When using a touchscreen with on-screen controls disabled, tapping on the screen will cause the player to move to that position if it is not occupied by someone or something else.

Interacting with People and Things

You can interact with certain objects and people in the game. You do so by pressing the Return key, the A button or by tapping them when you are standing directly beside them.


In battles, each player and enemy has a turn to act, one after another. Normally the player starts first, but sometimes the enemy will do a Sneak Attack.

During each player's turn in battle, you will select your action from a list of possible actions at the bottom left side of the screen. All possible actions are listed below, but some actions are not available at all times.


Press Attack to attack an enemy with your weapon. You will then select which enemy you wish to attack. If using a keyboard or gamepad, you select an enemy using the arrows or DPAD. Press Return or the A button again to start the attack. The Escape key or B button may be used at any time to back out of an action before starting it. If you're using touchscreen controls, tap on the enemy you wish to attack to start the action. As always, pressing the red triangle in the top left corner of the screen backs out of an action/menu.


Pressing this option opens a sub-menu where you can select an item to use. After choosing an item, choose a target to use the item on in the same way as you choose a target to attack.


Using spells is similar to using items. Press Spell from the top-level menu, then select a spell to cast. You can now select one or more targets. To select multiple targets with a keyboard or joystick, press the arrows or DPAD until multiple green arrows appear beside the enemies or players you wish to target. To select multiple targets with a touchscreen, simply tap each player or enemy you wish to target, tapping again to deselect, and then press "Go!" at the bottom middle of the screen. Some spells may appear in black letters in the menu; this means you don't have enough magic points to use this spell. Magic points can be regained by sleeping, touching certain objects and by using the Elixir item on a player.


Vampires work in the exact same manner as spells, except they drain the health and magic points of the other player, instead of draining the magic points of the casting player. Vampires can only be cast on enemies.


By defending, you decrease the damage you take when enemies attack you or use spells on you.


Choose the Run option to try to run away from the battle. Sometimes running may fail. If you succeed, you will drop some gold while making your escape.

Main Menu

The Main Menu can be accessed by pressing Escape, the B button on a gamepad or by tapping the Red Triangle in the top left corner of the screen during free movement segments.

Stats Menu

The first screen your are presented with is the Stats Menu. This shows your players' stats. You can cycle between the players by pressing Comma (,), the Right Bumper (RB) on your gamepad or by tapping the icons of the players at the bottom middle of the screen. If you are using a remote on Android TV or tvOS, you can cycle players with the Play button.

There are several other screens available in the Main Menu. You access them by pressing the Left and Right arrows or DPAD buttons or by tapping the arrows at the bottom of the screen.

Progress Menu

The menu directly to the Left of the Stats Menu is the Progress Menu. Here you can exit the Main Menu by pressing Resume Game, save your game by pressing the Save Game button if available, or quit back to the Title Screen by pressing Quit to title.


To the Left of the Progress Menu is the Map. You can get an idea of the current level layout here. In some areas, the map is hidden.

Items Menu

To the right of the Stats screen is the Items Menu. Using items is done similarly here to how it is done in battle. Items will be used on the active player who is shown at the top left of the screen. The same is true for most other sub-menus of the Main Menu. See the Main Menu section for a description of how to cycle between players.

To view a short description of an item or piece of equipment, Press the E key, the X button on your gamepad or press and hold your finger on an item in the list.

Spells Menu

You can cast White Magic spells from the Spells Menu. Select a spell, then select the player or players you wish to cast it on. Casting on multiple players spreads the effect out, so each player gets less of the effect than if only one player was selected, but added up the effect is slightly greater.

Weapons Menu

You can equip a weapon on this menu. Your current stats and the stats that would take effect if you equipped the selected weapon are shown at the top. Weapons may appear in black if the other player is using them. You can unequip a weapon by activating it if it is equipped. Weapons currently equipped by the active player are shown in cyan.

Armour Menu

Armour is equipped here. Equipping armour functions the same way as equipping weapons. Refer to Weapons Menu above for details.

Vampires Menu

Your Vampires are listed on this menu, but you can only use Vampires in battle.

Discard Menu

If for any reason you wish to get rid of an item or piece of equipment, you can do so on the Discard Menu. You may also sell items and equipment to shopkeepers who deal in those objects.

Saving and Loading Games

There are two types of saved games in Monster RPG 3: regular saves and autosaves.

Regular saves can be made at any Save Zone, inn or bed that you can sleep in. At Save Zones, access the Save Game button from the Progress Menu to save your game. At inns and beds, you will be asked if you want to save. You will select one of five slots to save to and will be prompted to overwrite the current slot if a game exists on that slot.

Autosaves are recorded any time you change levels and after each battle. You can find your autosaves by pressing Right on your keyboard or gamepad at the Load Game menu or by tapping the arrow at the bottom right of said menu.

The Load Game menu is available from the Title Screen. Your saved games are shown with a few stats from the game in a list. You can erase or run a game from here.


Access the settings by clicking the gear icon from the Title Screen. You can also click the S icon from top right of the Main Menu, press the F1 key or press the Y button on your gampad.

Language Settings

Here you can select your preferred language to display the game in. This option is not accessible if accessed from the Main Menu.

Video Settings

This menu allows you to select a window size or fullscreen resolution to run the game in. This option is not available on iOS or Android.

Audio Settings

You can set the volume for the sound effects and music that the game plays here.

Other Settings

The Other Settings menu has different options depending on which devices you are using. The options are listed below but some may not be available on your device.

TV safe mode - if the game displays outside the border of your TV, you may enable this option to shrink the display slightly so it fits.

Use on-screen controller - If you have a touchscreen, this allows you to use an on-screen controller instead of the Tap-n-Go method during the free movement parts of the game.

Rumble enabled - This option enables or disables the rumble feature for gamepads and phones that support it.

Keyboard Settings

Here you can set the function of the keys on your keyboard. The actions are listed on the left of each line and the binding on the right. First select an action, then press a key to bind that key to the action. If you exit this menu with duplicate bindings, you will be prompted to either change the duplicates or discard your changes.

Joystick Settings

The joystick settings menu is similar to the keyboard settings menu. Select an action from the list, then press a button on your joystick to bind the button to the action.


Selecting this option will display your achievement progress.

Sync Cloud Saves

Using this option, you can sync your saved games with the cloud so you can share them between devices.

You will be prompted if any local or cloud saves are to be overwritten. The newest version of saved games either on your device or in the cloud will be kept, and your device and the cloud will be synced so the files match.

3rd Party Licenses

Selecting this option will show license information for some of the software libraries used by the game.

Common Items

A description of some common items found in the game follows.


Potions restore lost hit points (HP.) There are three types of potions: Potion, Potion Plus and Potion Omega. Each restores more HP than the last. Potions do not restore HP if the player they are used on is knocked out (KO.)


Cures remove status effects like poison and blindness.

Holy Water

Holy Water revives a knocked out party member, restoring them to full HP.


Elixirs restore a player's MP to 100%.